rofessionalism and quality

At every stage of the design and manufacturing process, our experienced professionals ensure that quality is the core of the brand. We look for quality anywhere, from the source of our materials to the start of each project’s research

Start with your thoughts

Prototype design

Our team of design experts and industry veterans will guide you through the product design and development process. We respond to research challenges and provide innovative solutions based on our past experience. We can build from scratch, or manage according to your specifications, and we will work hard to ensure the success of the project.

Any bulk order

Manufacturing and sewing

We provide domestic and international cutting and sewing production in Guangzhou, Compulsory, Pinghu, Baigou, Quanzhou, and other factories in Cambodia and Vietnam. We provide full service contract manufacturing for world-renowned brands, designers and start-up companies.

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Design and production

Additional Services

Sample making

Metal logo

Luxury packaging

Pricing List

Simple handbag design

Appearance and internal pattern


Complicated bags design

Complicated Detail pattern and size


Bags sample production

Textile fabric, PU , PVC leather material


Luxury bags sample making

Cowhide, sheepskin, other animal leather


Metal logo design

Vector illustration of a letter or pattern


Metal sample Make

Prototype of metal logo sample


Package Design

Packing bag and colorful carton pattern


Packaging sample make

Samples of bags and cartons


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