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Dinleey LLC a Chinese Bag Manufacturer

Custom high-quality bags tailored for startup brands and small businesses. Let your brand story be conveyed through our products.


Whether you’re starting from scratch or building to spec, Dinleey’s design and product development team will help bring your product to life.


We have built meaningful relationships from raw material suppliers to packaging providers that directly benefit you.


We have a manufacturing facility in Guangzhou, China for different types of bags, able to meet the specific needs of your project.


We can provide distribution and logistics services for our partners. Simultaneously meet the challenges of transporting and importing goods. 

We are direct supplier and manufacturer

Single SKU minimum order quantity 50

Create brand-exclusive bags to help you stand out in the market. Whether it is fashion clothing or outdoor sports, we tailor it for you.

A team of bag making experts with over 20 years of experience

We focus on serving brands

Whether you are a start-up brand or a world-renowned brand. We can all quickly add to your project.



Sports and Outdoor Brands

Tennis racket cover, golf bag, fanny pack, football backpack, gym bag, training backpack, yoga bag, water bottle bag, outdoor backpack, etc.

Apparel and Fashion Brands

Leather bags, soft bags, wallets, fashion backpacks, handbags, shoulder bags, messenger bags, clutch bags, laptop bags, etc.

Maternal and Child Brands

Diaper bags, school bags, messenger bags, straps, outdoor picnic bags, sleeping bags, stationery bags, etc.

sustainable development

Certified by GRS member